Disclaimer: Read these instructions carefully before performing any of the above actions.  Follow these instructions at your own peril.

Instructions for installing a ScottOiler on Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird (Fuel Injected).

From the Scottoiler Mk 7 Universal fitting kit you will need the following (numbers shown refer to the item numbers on the last page of the fitting instructions)

I chose to mount the oiler on the left hand side of the bike, behind the tailpeice fairing just below the left helmet holder.  The most suitable mounting method was using the black plastic mounting cradle - designed for mounting on tube frame.

Remove the fairing from the tailpiece.  Mount the RMV on the Mounting cradle and use cable ties to mount it securely on the subframe with the filler hole as close as possible to vertical, but ensuring the flow adjuster knob can be turned without interference..

I chose to mount the oil dispenser initially with cable ties rather than glue, until I'm satisfied I have the best setup.  Starting at the swingarm end I slipped the dispenser mounting sleeves over the dispenser delivery tube at the points where the cable ties were tightened to provide extra protection.

Thread the remainder of the delivery tube back up to RMV.  Initially I have routed mine around the swing arm, behind my registration label holder and along the subframe to the RMV.  However I believe that relocating the route to run behind the swingarm and will avoid any chance of the tubing being burned or melted by a hot exhaust and will also remove it further from view.


You will need a short lenth of the delivery tubing (2cm) to connect the vacuum hose to the tee connector.  Do this before installing the tee connector to the bike and use a match to shrink the tubing over the vacuum hose supplied in the kit.

Next you must lift the rear of the tank to expose the undertank area to locate a vacuum tube.  I have indicated it with arrows in the following photograph.  Cut this tube approximately half way along it's length using a sharp knife or scissors and connect each of the cut ends ot the tee connector.

Route the vacuum tube back to the RMV ensuring it doesn't get pinched under the tank.  I shared the cable ties which hold the delivery tube in place to carry the vacuum tube also.

Connect the delivery tube to the RMV (I have not cut mine to the correct length till I'm completely satisfied that this setup works well) and the vacuum tube to the RMV.

After filling and priming the oiler according to the instruction manual connect the filler plug and breather pipe and thread the breather throughthe subframe ensuring it remains above higher than the RMV.

Now for the most difficult part of the installation, getting the delivery injector aligned to the chain to deliver oil at the best position is a matter of trial and error.  I found that going for a ride and stopping every few km to check the alignment of the injector and the oil delivery rate was the best way to get it sorted out.  Because the RMV is mounted above the frame handle on the bike, the oil delivery rate can be adjusted without the seat needing to be removed.

Good luck.

Feel free to email me with any comments or questions.

Disclaimer: Read these instructions carefully before performing any of the above actions.  Follow these instructions at your own peril.